Cody Whitehair is now also a Pro Bowler

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Re: Cody Whitehair is now also a Pro Bowler

Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:59 am

One thing that Cody has to be given high marks for is his availability. He's started all 16 games for 3 seasons.

This kid was an OT in college we converted to OC as a rookie where he looked very good despite his inexperience at the position. Then we shuffled him all around the interior in 2017 interrupting his development at OC yet he held up fine.

This year he finally got to spend an entire season at OC and with some great coaching from HH finally seems to have licked his issue with erratic snaps and he gets a Pro Bowl nod. He's only 26 and we could and have done a lot worse at OC than him. He's been a steady leader as well especially with Long once again missing numerous games.

Whether or not we flip him and Daniels in 2019 remains to be seen but neither has given any indication they aren't or can't be above average players at their current positions.

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