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Re: Bears 2020 Draft Picks

Wed May 15, 2019 3:17 pm

southdakbearfan wrote:
DaSuperfan wrote:
Bad Flanders wrote:I doubt we'll have that many once we get there. Pace is squarely in that Loomis draft strategy thing, they just don't value having a lot of picks. It doesn't feel right but it seems to work okay for them, so no complaints from me, just think it's more likely than not that they leave the next draft with less than 7 drafted players. And there will be some confusion and complaining that Pace gave up too much to make whatever moves he seems destined to make (cause he LOVES to move up a few spots! LOL).
I think it's more about hitting on the picks you have than it is just having a flurry of picks like the Pats do every year. The Pats haven't been drafting that well recently to be honest, they've been riding the coattails of Tom Brady ever since 2001. I'd rather hit on the picks we have than just have a shit load of draft picks that don't pan out.

I agree, better you trade three picks and have four hit than have 10 picks and 2 hit. If pace keeps hitting at his rates I don't see an issue with him being aggressive.
This nails it right here. You're never going to hit on all your picks. The key is maximizing the hits. Of course, trading up a lot increases the pressure on the GM by decreasing your numbers. So long as the hits keep on coming, that strategy works. He's been pretty successful at it, so not much reason to doubt.
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