What if 2018 had been Mitch's Rookie Year?

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What if 2018 had been Mitch's Rookie Year?

Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:53 am

The interwebs and talking heads are full of criticism of Mitch Trubisky, much of it centered on his first season in the league. As Bears fans know, in 2017 he was saddled with a terrible receivers corps and a Neanderthal offense. He also had very few starts (college or pro) under his belt. When you point this out, however, people pretend not to hear it.

I'm curious -- what if the stats and performance he delivered in 2018 had been his rookie year in the league? Would people have a different view?

I don't really care -- I've said for the past 2 years that this is what "developing a young quarterback" looks like. Furthermore, I think Mitch is going to blow away some folks this year with more familiarity in Nagy's offense, more comfort with his receivers, and (knock wood) more of the receivers fully healthy (I'm looking at you, Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller.)

With that said, if last year had been Mitch's rookie year and this his second, how different might the perception of him and his potential be?
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Re: What if 2018 had been Mitch's Rookie Year?

Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:03 pm

They’d be gushing about him. He might’ve won Offensive Rookie Of The Year. Hard to say with the year Mayfield had too. However Biscuit’s team won the division and went 12-4 (admittedly the defense helped a lot there) so that might’ve put him over the top v Barkley and Mayfield.

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