Chuckbucks: Bribery, but fun!

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Chuckbucks: Bribery, but fun!

Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:03 pm ... linton-dix

You’ll find lots of things strewn about locker stalls. Players leave shoes and watches worth more than your car, hard-to-pronounce nutritional supplements and an array of gear. But never cash.

So it was unusual to see another safety, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, proudly holding up a Chuckbuck to show off to anyone nearby. Then he rummaged in a cabinet in his locker and pulled out a stack of at least 20.

“You’ve gotta earn these, man,” he said. “They don’t just come out of nowhere. I love the Chuckbucks. They’re gonna be worth a lot of money one day, so you better get your hands on them. I’m telling you.”

It appears the only way to get one, though, is by making a big play. Since coaches aren’t allowed to give out real money — what a perfect week for this to surface, by the way, with the Saints coming to town Sunday — Pagano wanted a way to convey the sentiment.

Jackson believes the coach printed out the Chuckbucks on his own, possibly from his computer.

They aren’t close enough to actually be confused with money, but it resembles it sufficiently that Jackson wasn’t the only player fooled by them for a moment.

“The first one he gave me, I thought it was some cash,” Clinton-Dix admitted sheepishly. Like Jackson, he quickly shot back at Pagano, “OK, Coach. I’m gonna go to the restaurant with all these Chuckbucks and tell them I left my wallet at home.”

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