Hey ! Give it a Break !

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Hey ! Give it a Break !

Sun Sep 13, 2020 5:40 pm

We Won. Period. 1st. game after NO Pre-Season . It always was gonna be tough. 1st. time against a D and O at home . Stafford is a great QB. AP is Hall of Fame , and has some runs in him . I give credit to the Bears for not folding.
A little worried about Mack , he was blocked too easy One -on-One . Where was Ted ? Bears have to change their coverage w/ Danny , he got beat like a drum.
The O - Line gets a pass , good run blocking , but needs more communication in Pass Blocking , it will come.
Two Rookie's I'm giving props are are Mooney and Jayvon , very impressive .
The BAD clock management ay the end of the 1st. Half was horrible , put us in a BIG Hole .
Santos was the REAL HERO , A Bear Kicker who made all the kicks !

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