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It's just crazy to me that only a month ago I was absolutely down in the dumps thinking about the next few years of Bears football. Looking at the push towards the NFL being a primarily Offensive league and the fact that our QB roster consisted only of Dalton and Foles, and only the #20 pick in round 1 of the draft, I just didn't see a way out of that hole any time soon without sacrificing our future in a big trade.

What a difference a month makes!

Having Fields changes things completely. We can truly shift into "building mode" now since we don't seem to have any massive holes that require desperate measures to fill. We can hopefully start amassing picks and drafting BPA instead of having our hand forced over and over by those gaping holes.

How refreshing! Man, I just can't wait until this season kicks off! It's going to be an exciting run if Fields works out. We're back in the "window"!
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