John Beck on Zach Wilson, JF1 and other QBs

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Click here for interview from 4/28/21.

It's interesting what he says about Wilson, how at the beginning of last year, he and his family weren't expecting him to fly up draft boards and get drafted super high (#2). That makes me really question how prepared he is to be the focal point of a (bad) NFL franchise in a huge market like New York. I guess we'll see if he can hold up under the pressure.

You could raise the same kind of unexpected stardom question about Teven Jenkins, who followed a similar path trajectory, becoming a star by the middle of his last collegiate season. Of course, the difference is that his job isn't as complex and mentally pressure packed as a QB picked in the top 2 and expected to be a savior.

He notes that JF1's performance in the Clemson game when he got hurt and played through it at a very high level illustrates his highest trait, super tough and competitive and can carry a team. Wow!
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