Gameballs and Horns Wk 12 vs DET

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Amidst the Nagy toilet bowl swirl of consternation, the team lifted itself up and decided to end their 5 game losing streak. They bested the toothless Lions on a walkoff FG. And wonders of wonders, they are now listed in the playoff hunt. At 4-7.
This was a turkey of a game to watch, as both teams kept putting up penalties on offense and shooting themselves in the foot. I'd give a horn to the refs but they seemed to call it even. I'd give a horn to the coaches/Nagy, but gosh they're just people too and have feelings. Shame they forgot how to develop a running attack.

- Mooney: I know some here are not high on him, but he's the only effective WR playmaker on the roster. He keeps getting knocked down and then back up. Big heart.
- Peters: I know he's hurting, and yet after a short turnaround he battled on every play and was effective. Seems to be getting up a little slower, and I know the feeling.

- Buck and Aikman: The way they defended Nagy was sickening. And then they turn right around and badmouth the Bears O. Gee, wonder who's responsible for the mess on offense, huh Joe?
- Mustipher butt-snap: They were in shotgun and the ball did not get very far on the snap as Musitpher heaved it up into his butt cheeks. Fortunately Dalton was able to pick it up off the turf and shot put it to his safety valve receiver.

DONUT HOLE [given to player whose absence was most felt]
- Roquan: Anybody else notice how the Lions were gashing the Bears D for some big runs after Smith left the game? Ogletree is just a journeyman, and Christion Jones may have experience but does not seem to make many plays. Sad that Iggy can't beat out either of them. I didn't see how he injured himself (hamstring), but hopefully the ten days off will get him ready against a potent Cards offense.

I didn't list Quinn as he deserves Defensive Player of the Month. Bears would be hurting without him now, particularly with Mack out.
Dalton had a good game but the lack of a running attack forced him to pass too much. That INT in the red zone could have been a killer.

We get ten days until the Cards come into town. Nagy will get to enjoy some leftover turkey tomorrow and ponder how he can save his job and keep Dalton starting.
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