GM Candidate: Ran Carthon, 49ers Dir. of Player Personnel

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Holy Shit - We got Justin Fields!

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I think that's the first Bears/Giants crossover candidate which is kind of funny.

Different processes or Giants shit show of an org just being turned down?
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Some info on the guy:

He got into scouting in 2007 with the Falcons after trying coaching. Bill Polian was his mentor. With Atlanta, he got a new mentor, Les Snead, a good name in the biz. Snead became Rams GM in 2012 and made Carthon Director of Player Personnel. When John Lynch got the GM job in Frisco, he made Carthon Director of Pro personnel.
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Hmm is Polian just gonna hire his guy and cash a big check? He might be a fine hire but that makes it seem like George is getting hustled… again.
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