Reds and Pirates go at it for stupidity's sake

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Reds and Pirates go at it for stupidity's sake

Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:33 pm

happened a week or so ago

Derek Dietrich hits a home run, then stands and admires it ... next time up, pitcher throws behind Dietrich ... then arguments and pushing and shoving ... and ejections

and for what? a violation of the unwritten rule that when you hit a home run out of the park, you aren't supposed to enjoy it so much?

I don't get it

this ranks right there with the idiot Twin player bitching about an opponent bunting for a hit against the shift being classless

I think they need to re-write their unwritten rule book
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Re: Reds and Pirates go at it for stupidity's sake

Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:11 pm

Baseball players are coming across as big pussies these days. Tim Anderson of the White Sox had a bad toss the other day and it started this same thing. If you are pitcher, strike his ass out next time and "show" that batter up, WTF. No one says a pitcher can't get in on the act. Baseball is pretty damn boring, this might spice it up.
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Re: Reds and Pirates go at it for stupidity's sake

Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:02 pm

I go back and forth on this. Baseball has always had the "unwritten" rules at every level. Don't show the pitcher up if you hit a home run, don't steal with a big lead, etc. You learned these rules coming up and they are still there today. Stupid or not that is the way baseball has governed itself on the field relating to respecting the other team. I played competitive ball until I was 25, even getting to play against guys that had been as high as AAA ball and then washed out. When a guy did something to show someone up everyone knew what was going to happen and he got the inevitable ball in the ribs the next time through the order. It was just how it was and everyone understood it. As a catcher and pitcher I never understood it totally. When pitching I never wanted that extra guy on base and if a guy hit it out, regardless of what he did, I was going to do my best to strike that bastard out the next time through. When catching if a guy was showboating I would have the weirdest, most distracting conversation I could think of the next time up (like Jake in Major League) and it typically worked too.

Here is the thing, if baseball doesn't want it happening it's pretty simple to make penalties, fines and suspensions that will take whatever they don't want out of the game.

If you don't want a guy showboating then make it an automatic out and the home run doesn't count or an ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct.

If you don't want pitchers throwing at batters on purpose make it a 1 month suspension for a retaliatory beaning vs a 3-5 game suspension which is basically one trip or less through the rotation for a starter.

They didn't want guys going through their three ring circus rituals after every pitch in the batters box so they made a rule to get rid of it, poof it's gone. They didn't want catchers running out to the mound 17 times an inning so they made a rule on it and poof it's gone.

Baseball clearly doesn't want to do anything about it because they haven't.

The NBA figured out they didn't want fighting in the game and came down hard on it after the "malice at the palace" incident. The NFL has upped penalties, fines and suspensions for illegal hits and fighting in games and continues to up the ante year after year to eliminate it. MLB just sits on it's hands so everyone might as well quit complaining as it's obvious that MLB wants that aspect to stay in the game.

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