Addison Russell is a tone-deaf lowlife.

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For those who don't know what Russell did, read this:

https://lifewithmelis310373032.wordpres ... press-com/" onclick=";return false;
Emotional/verbal abuse started way before I even realized, eventually it started to be an everyday thing. Being blamed for just about anything that went wrong, name calling, intimidating me with personal force, manipulating me to think I was the problem, destroying my personal things, threatening me to “send” me & our son home to my parents as if I was privileged to be living in our home. Basically, I felt like I was nothing, a nobody & I was nothing without him, & I couldn’t do anything without him. After he would calm down from his angry spells, I’d always get the most sincere apologies, making me believe how sorry he was & he’s working on bettering himself. One of his favorite excuses was that he was “young” & he’s still learning how to live right, he basically raised himself, he didn’t have nurturing parents like I did & he didn’t know how to love the way I did. But, somehow he could ALWAYS find a way to make me feel like it happened because of me, or because I wasn’t listening to him. It was ALWAYS my fault.
Along with being cheated on with so many different women, I lost all self confidence within myself. I never felt good enough to keep him happy at home, emotionally & sexually.

Our relationship came to a point where there were days he’d come home from work and he wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence, which was so much more hurtful to me than being cussed out or yelled at. When I would try speaking to him, I’d have to repeat myself several times for him to even acknowledge that I was even talking, he’d give me short responses, showing no interest in conversation. I’d be waiting all day to for a text back, or a phone call, while doing his laundry, errands, cooking, cleaning and caring for our son.

TL;DR, Russell:
  • physically abused his wife
  • emotionally abused his wife
  • blamed his wife for all his problems
  • feels like he's served his sentence
  • feels like he never should've been punished in the first place
  • feels like the fans are idiots who don't support him
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Russell can continue to fuck right off as far as I'm concerned. He hasn't atoned for shit, and won't both because he doesn't think he should and because the Cubs won't expect it. :frustrated:
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One of the worst things a man can do is not take responsibility for the shit he's done in his life.
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A portion of the "emotional abuse" she's describing seems like rather run of the mill stuff for a relationship. Not listening, not paying enough attention...

I just sort of stay out of that type of shit and don't judge people. I've had women close to me who were, indeed, harmed by abusive piece of shit men and it's sickening. I also have had male friends who were completely railroaded by vindictive bitches. One friend in particular who wound up caught in a legal nightmare. Which was equally as sickening.

I don't know either of them and I don't know Russell's side of the story. Which I am sure is different. I'm also not a Cubs fan, so I don't have the conflict of having to choose to root for him..

So far as "serving his sentence". He's right, he has done that. However, that doesn't mean fans have to like him.
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Fans should have the right to boo or cheer any player for any reason at any time. They're paying the crazy ticket, parking and concession prices to see the game.

You always have to take your sports players with a grain of salt. There are plenty of championship caliber teams with players with bad habits and behavior and there are a bunch of guys in the HOF who are not the best human beings yet we think they're awesome.


You gotta draw the line somewhere and its probably different for each of us. For me, I can't tolerate the woman beating. I understood Adrian Peterson's perspective about punishing his son. I get it that these guys go out and drink, drive drunk and would most likely be guilty of DUI, cheat on their wives, do drugs and who knows what else.

The PC Police in the media also makes me chuckle because I'm guessing those people have skeletons in their closet too.

Addison Russell made a mistake, and it sounds like he did it repeatedly, to me that's a far cry from "similar" situations like Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt. Him not owning up to it just severely worsens the situation. The guy is just asking to get released and not signed anywhere else in the league.
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