Two wild brouhahas flare up among fans during Cubs-White Sox

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Two wild brouhahas flare up among fans during Cubs-White Sox game
Several people in the stands at Guarantee Rate Field were seen fighting during a game between the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs on Saturday night.

One video showed a group of women fighting each other as bystanders and security try to break it up. The video showed the group of Cubs and White Sox fans getting into an altercation and sending each other barreling over the seats.

Another video showed a group of men getting into a fist fight on what appeared to be the Guarantee Rate Field concourse.

“I’m a Cubs fan. Play the Sox, I want the Cubs to win. But ultimately at the end we all want our Chicago teams to win. So fighting over that, violence? Stupid,” Cubs fan Jim Teruel told FOX32 Chicago after watching the video.

Jeremy Smith, a White Sox fan, said when you come to the ballpark you expect to have some sort of safety, especially when there are kids around.

“You would expect you should be able to be safe and have fun with your family, kids, like you said, in the stands, so it’s a little ridiculous,” Smith said.

There were no arrests made after the game, according to FOX32 Chicago. It didn’t appear anyone was seriously injured during the brouhahas.

seriously, wtf is wrong with people?
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People are fucked. Bought the perfect shirt over the weekend. It stated, "I used to be a people person, but the people ruined it."

We have more stupidity in this country right now and it is fucking sad. People are just morons. And some of my friends wonder why I like to stay home most of the time.
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