Who's playing for a championship this week?

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Who's playing for a championship this week?

Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:43 pm

I'm fighting for the top spot in one of my leagues. The projection has me up right now but he has guys that go off randomly every week.

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I have:                                             Vs:
QB: Cam Newton                                      QB: Bortles / Keenum (had Wentz)
RB: Leveon Bell, Jordan Howard                      RB: Perine, Hunt
WR: Larry Fitz, Funchess                            WR: Keenan Allen, Michael Thomas
TE: Kelce, Olsen                                    TE: Ertz
Flex: Christain McCaffery, Joe Mixon                Flex: AJ, Green, Gore, Demaryius Thomas
Def: Chargers vs Jets                               Def: Rams vs. Titans
K: Boswell                                          K: Needs to get one (had Zuerlein)
1/2 PPR, with small bonuses for yard thresholds. He beat me in the regular season by .84 points...So should be an interesting match.
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