Roughing the passer penalties getting ridiculous

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Roughing the passer penalties getting ridiculous

Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:05 am

I understand the need for safety (even though the NFL itself seems pretty hypocritical about it), but this new emphasis on roughing the passer nit-picking is ruining everything.

I am not a Packer fan. And I am certainly not a fan of Clay "She-Ra" Matthews. But on his latest penalty, I am 100% in his corner.

His sack on Alex Smith was a textbook clean sack in my opinion. And even in the opinion of the QB being sacked, as Alex Smith himself declared it all seemed above board to him.

I honestly don't know what the NFL thought it was trying to accomplish with this new emphasis but I think it is a failure.

Matthews sack of Alex Smith : you have to follow the link since the board is still not posting youtube vids and the bonus on this particular video is you get to hear Skippy Brainless be a complete moron (if you ever had any doubt about that)

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Matthews did not lead with his helmet, he did not drive Smith into the ground ... it was what used to be considered a textbook tackle - hit with your shoulder, wrap him up with your arms, and bring him to the ground.

And keep in mind he was called for a very similar penalty against the Vikings the week before that actually helped influence the game outcome.

Leave it to the NFL to come up with something so f'd up it has me even defending a Packer player.
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