TMP Mock Draft 1: The Draft Awakens

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TMP Mock Draft 1: The Draft Awakens

Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:03 am

This was done using Fanspeak at the default settings except that I used the current draft order and the difficult setting.

43: R2P11

Wisconsin had a great running game and this guy was at the center of it (Get it? The CENTER of it.) Him being a linemen from a Big 10 school (especially Wisconsin) turns my Meatball-O-Meter up to Ludicrous Speed.

Ideally I’d make him the starting center immediately, have Whitehair and Daniels as the guards and keep Leno and Massie at tackle; for now.

I was originally going to draft a QB, but Fromm was off the board and Biadasz fell. I didn't want to draft a QB for the sake of it and went with what I think is the better overall prospect at an area of need.

50: R2P18

I wanted a QB early for a lot reasons. No matter what we think of Mitch, at a minimum we need a backup QB with a higher ceiling than Daniel (with a much smaller cap hit) and at the same time we need the proverbial developmental QB.
In a perfect world we sign a veteran also to be the #2 and give Hurts a clipboard for a year. We then evaluate Mitch and see what we have. If Mitch shits the bed, Hurts could be the starter in 2021. Otherwise, our backup sees action every year, Hurts can prove himself then and either take the starting job or be trade bait like Jimmy G.

144: R4P41
159: R5P13

I started thinking BPA special teamers and LB (Trevathan could be a goner, who knows about Kwit and I love Roquan but who knows with that guy; hopefully he turns out OK.)
What I like about Harrison is that he specializes in spying on mobile quarterbacks. We need that bigtime as the more elite teams in this league have, you guessed it, mobile quarterbacks. He’s also really good at blitzing from multiple angles so we could make this guy a hybrid MLB/OLB in a 3-4.

163: R5P17

He’s shorter than I’d like (six foot one). He was the Captain of the defense and has a really good reputation as a tackler and a hustler that gets in on every play. I love guys with motors. It’s why I love Monty. Like Mack said, “A dog who poops fast doesn’t poop long.” If you’re gonna fuck up do it fast so you can correct. He does need work on helping to separate from blockers, but I love his leadership and effort. The technique can be fixed via coaching.

166: R5P20

Nice, big G. Six foot six. Nasty ass run blocker. Projects as either a T or a G. If he pans out this is Massie’s replacement.

196: R6P17

I’m not fucking around with the OL. Yeah I drafted three of them. It’s the only way to be sure.
Six foot three. 350 lbs. Yeah he might have a weight issue but have fun moving that shit when running the ball.
Here is what the line would look like after the draft:

LT: Leno
LG: Daniels
C: Biadasz
RG: Whitehair
RT: Massie
Swing Tackle: Kraemer. If Massie continues to struggle, HE GONE, and insert Kraemer.
Backup G: Onwenu

Bars and Coward can be figured out later. IDK about where they are in their development and I don’t want to have another season get detonated because of the OL problems.

233: R7P19
I’m trying to create a RB tandem. Hill can be a three down back, but Monty is still the starter. I want a guy who on 3rd and 3 or less can get that first down if Monty needs a breather. Or a legit RB (WTF was with the Davis thing last year?) that can give Monty some rest. Hill is excellent at making the first guy miss. Yet he’s not Cohen that goes down at first contact.

Edge rusher who can be a special teamer and we’re going to need a replacement for Aaron Lynch one of these days. This is not the replacement for Leonard Floyd.
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Re: TMP Mock Draft 1: The Draft Awakens

Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:54 pm

This would be pretty good for filling that gaping void in the OL. The old NO Saints philosophy of being super stout up the middle, it’s served them well. It would force the team to grab a FA TE; the cap will determine which one they go after. There are FA at CB and S if guys get released in the next few months. I believe the Bears are getting a pick at the end of the 4th round also.

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