Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

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Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Mon Feb 10, 2020 7:07 pm

Please correct me if this is the wrong forum

Every year I try and watch all the Senior Bowl practices they deem to air - here are my thoughts (and please forgive how many names I will misspell:

Josh Jones - Tackle Houston - Made all of the Money - Looked like a High Round OT - Was Tall but didn't seem High Cut - Seemed Athletic, Good Anchor, Win v. UNC kid (who is a GOOD Prospect), then Pancaked the Same UNC kid on next rep

LSU - Cushenberry C - Definitely the better of the LSU OL there , solid Rep., 2 more solid reps. Looking good in both the Run blocking and Pass blocking 1 on 1s. Doesn't look crazy dominate out there - but you also don't see bad losses either Losses looked like either stalemates or small losses. Good pad level, good bend

LSU - Guard - Lewis - Not good. He apparently is 330 but kind of lacks pop (Or he has such bad balance and feet that he is never in a position to use that size) , Loss to Kinslaw, meh rep, On the Ground more than he should be - ESPECIALLY in 1 on 1s

Texas Tech - Steele#65 - Win v #8, Win v #58, ok v. #7, Loss when lined up at LT (NOT a LT - but maybe he's a RT), Definitely a tall guy though it's High Cut, Needs to get Stronger - I thought last year the NIU Tackle Scharping was a Better prospect. but that was kind of what he reminded of

Miss. St. #78 Phillips - Not my Favorite - Not sure if he's a Bad Tackle or Bad Guard - Old Style Mauler at best (Best Drills were Run Blocking straight ahead), Foot Speed is an Issue, ok rep v #40, only ok v. #40 (Day 1 ). Seemed to get worse as week went on, Conditioning didn't seem to be great

#77 SC St. Taylor - High Cut Tall Developemental OT prospect, Needs Strength, Good Hands though, Win v #5 Kansas, LONG

UNC - Heck - Didn't get much TV Time, his role seemed to be to remember who his Dad is and make you feel Old

Ben Bartch - Apparently a small school guy though he seemed to be wearing a Wisconsin helmet? Kept wondering why the Wisconsin kid was so meh and needed to hit the Weight Room, meh Reps to downright "NO!" Tannebaum seemed to like him on Commentary though as a developmental kid

Oregon OT - Kind of meh in Run Blocking, Good Rep v #8

#71 Kentucky Stenberg - Bulled back on some Reps (Looks like he was a Tackle in College and will be a Guard in Pros so needs the extra weight room year), He's never going to be Elite. Though he could have a decently long career as a competent Guard /Depth, Never Wow but did have his share of Solid workmanlike Reps, Ok Rep v Penn State kid

#60 Ismael - Eh type, Loss to the Penn State kid (who really did look pretty solid), Loss to Ole Miss 95, Loss to 54 Penn State. Don't see anything here

Temple C - Good tough kid - Liked the LSU Center more though, Competes (Insert Temple tough cliche here)

WV kid - eh, Seemed easy to Bull backwards

#73 tOSU - Solid Rep, Solid Rep, Loss to tOSU DL,

Wake Forest kid - Loss, up and down overall, win v #78 (who is just a one move Nose Tackle), Guard

Washington - Loss to UNC , Guard only, win v #92 (who is solid)

#65 - Meh on Day 1, later on Win v. Mich St (who wasnt good), win v. Baum,

Michigan. - Anchor as issue? Loss to tOSU, win v Houston, solid v OK, Fooled on Stunt, Maybe has an NFL Career but not as a High Draft Pick
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Mon Feb 10, 2020 7:57 pm


I say draft the kid. Not sure what number. The tough one!
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:54 pm

I want Josh Jones so bad it’s almost unhealthy.
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:43 pm

Jones is good. I'd bet he goes in the top 15 picks.
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:53 pm

I actually liked Bartch in the reps that I saw. I thought he was the second best tackle there (after Jones). But I only saw one practice session and don't even know which day it was from. He handled everybody that I saw. Was disappointed he didn't play in the game.

During the game, Jones was the only tackle worth a squat. I kind of felt bad for the south team because BOTH Throckmorton from Oregon (who hadn't played LT in 2 years) and the Texas Tech OT were complete crap. The south QBs had no time. I thought that Bredeson was the best offensive lineman there, even over Jones.a

But Jones and Becton were my guys that I wanted at OT. Doesn't look like either will be available. I have to go back and watch the practice tapes more closely as I was really hoping for Bartch from what I saw in the limited practice viewing that I did.
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:54 am

It seems like an Iffy Tackle class (frankly not a great Guard group either) overall

Jones being the obvious exception
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:06 am

Nice writeup thanks!! Disappointed to read about the Miss St kid, I thought he'd be better than that. Love the LSU C.
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: OL

Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:46 am

Thanks for this as it put Taylor on my radar. He looks like a good candidate for a 5th round developmental project

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