Senior Bowl Thoughts: WR

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Senior Bowl Thoughts: WR

Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:54 am

Overall it is a good and deep group (and apparently lots of good Underclassmen too)

I am a big believer in taking what a particular draft class gives you (even if that means doubling up) - And WR seems like part of that this year - I also think this means Gabriel is gone

Van Jefferson - Florida - Maybe my favorite WR all week - They don't think he's going to test super well (though he still looks big and fast enough), he just runs absolutely fantastic routes, Good hands, and to the extent he has a particular "athletic" advantage it's the suddenness in his breaks

They were talking like Round 5-6 coming into the draft - which is insane - Good Routes, NFL Bloodlines, great route win v #2, great route and catch in 7 on 7, good route (quick), Adjusts body well, just a good professional WR

Mack - tOSU - Good route then a drop, Hand strength issue? (then knocked out of his hands after catch), He looks thick and had some nice Reps as a Slot WR - How about Miles Austin as a Best Time Comp

Pittman - USC - won a lot of routes and they talked about him being a worker and being the son of a Pro - Still he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt under his uniform and has "deceptive" speed/quicks - couple that with his kind of aloof body language and you'd think he was not trying.

Yet he kept winning routes in various ways (Though this is NOT a great Senior Bowl DB class either), Day 2 was more meh than Day 1 (looks non-challant), Sometimes it was tough to tell (QB play was ummmmm Up and Down - or even worse when it was Shea Patterson)

Sounds like I'm dinging him - But he looks like a 2nd/3rd Round WR who is good in the NFL, There was a rep where again looks like not trying - but just a super quick win in the route against Iowa - open by 4 yards all of a sudden

Claypool - ND - He seemed like a clone (skill wise) to Pittman (I imagine everyone ranking WR is gonna keep them in the same tier and not just because of the ND/USC history)

Nice Rep, good look, win v. Iowa, another win, Best two reps: 1) Broke a kids ankle almost basketball style on a RZ route (sold the slant and CB bit and then cut it to sideline - DB falls down trying to recover) and 2) Goes up against ND Safety (who knows this film) and the Safety just jumps on him (not the usual handsy penalties that the DBs showed all week - but like a mugging - you aren't beating me and making me look bad - THOUGH WHY ARE YOU EVEN IN THE DRILL ND SAFETY (compete!)

tOSU - Hill - Win, Drop (this seemed like an outlier), Only so-so Routes (can improve), Better routes as week went on - Another drop? Made Catch of Week in 7 on 7 Running a Cross and ball is a foot behind him - grabs it one handed while keeping stride and keeping his balance , Wins Rep on just the Route (nice), then another nice hands catch

Jennings - Tenn - I think he should bulk up and become a TE, Lacks suddenness, Speed Issues, always covered, Round Routes (not good), Speed? Eh - No Speed, No for me

#11 Texas - Johnson - High Waisted WR, Big WR, Day 1 might have been his best day, Win, then Nice win v. the Pitt DB (who was one of the better DBs there), Does NOT have natural hands though then I watched him make a nice contested catch
Bottom Line: Lacks the "Knack" for the Position - Should test well though

#6 Texas - Duvernay - Speed (I'm told though I never fully saw it), Routes ??, meh, meh

Vandy - Lipscomb - Ok, Drew penalty v UCLA DB, Does not seem to make Tough Plays, loss to #22, Day 3 was his Best Day

SMU - Proche - Top end speed issues, If you are being extra nice maybe he's a NE Slot type (did his share of winning reps) , Has some suddenness - Slot Guy, Eh Reps mixed in for sure, easy win v. Wake Forest, Athleticism is an issue, Could not make contested catch v. Auburn, Loss to Auburn

Baylor #15 Mims - Guy the Booth liked alot more than I did, Did have a nice jump ball win in 7 on 7, Meh (obvious on his Pushoff), Drop on Tough Ball (iffy seperation), Win in RZ drill, Nice High Point RZ Catch, drop Red Zone should be the strength of his game Overall I just did Not see it here

Gandy Golden - Liberty - Drop on 7 on 7 (open deep), beat #23, Nice Hands Catch, only ok rep v Auburn, Loss, loss to Iowa, Didn't come up with a Tough one

This one seems more Negative as a write up then it is - He has some skills and natural athletic ability - And he was a Small School guy. I'd take him over the Baylor kid for example

#1 Texas AM - Loss to ND, Loss to ND, Drop , Nice Catch but on a So-So Route, Nice Rep v Pride, Loss to Pride, Drop

#9. - Created late separation, used sideline well, Solid Reps (Day 1 only?)

#9 Florida (late arrival) Cleveland - Special Teamer only
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Re: Senior Bowl Thoughts: WR

Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:55 am

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