Senior Bowl Thoughts: DL

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Senior Bowl Thoughts: DL

Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:39 am

Kinslaw - Was Very Good - Looks the Part - Here is the thing: When a Big Time Prospect plays in the Senior Bowl and looks good - The analysts give him an "extra" boost (it seems to me) - It is in their interest to have the incentives for Top Prospects to come to the game

Good push, Solid, Good hand usage - So it's not like they are making it up But I watched Aaron Donald's Senior Bowl practices - And that is the Bar for Excellence - And he was NOT that. Granted he is a different size and different type of player

But when they start throwing out dominant/unblockable - I know what that looks like

Overall - it was a solid DL group - though outside pass rushers was NOT the strength

Windsor - Penn St. #54 Kid I really liked (below Kinslaw of course) - on Day 1 thought he was just another Try Hard, Effort guy, but was much better on Day 2 and 3, Takes Coaching Well, Has Real Hand Skills, Sheds the OLs Hands very well, Win on 7 on 7, Did have a Rep where he jumped offside 3 times in the same rep

He has some size (listed at 284). I wonder if you can play him at 5 T

#24 Lewis Alabama - One of the Higher Rated Kids here - Absolutely looks the part (*). I don't think he really knows what he is doing yet (cue Floyd nightmares). Loss to #75,Had Strip Sack in 7 on 7 (beat #65 who is NOT a Tackle though)

(*). The pundits really seemed to be giving extra points (as always) to guys able to do Multiple things (rush the passer and cover backs for example) - they do NOT put the same emphasis on being GOOD at those things

Baum - Wisconsin - Similar but worse to Lewis, Not sure he's the most natural pass rusher (maybe this is racist and I see too much Shea?)

NC #55 - Strowbridge - Pundits really liked him and he looked good (despite a rough rep agains the Houston OT), Win v. Washington, Quick - Has 3 Technique skills but intriguing size - I think they envision a guy like Bennett where he can pass rush from inside or outside depending on Down,

Loss to Houston when he faced him BUT. you could tell who the Coaches liked in who they had them Match Up against - They tried to get Houston OT the best matchups (test him out) so Strowbridge getting those matchups was good for him

Bento Jones - Ole Miss #95 (thought he was a kentucky kid all week) - Win reps, Competes and plays Low - But he's a one dimensional player mostly (Maybe it was the Number but I got some Nick Williams vibes here), Stout, Beat the Bad LSU kid repeatedly, "Sand in the Trunk"

#40 Ole Miss(?) Coatry(?) - Loss v LSU, No Move set (Bull Power only), Plugger type (bull move again), Beat Ben Bartsch

#92 - Bull issue? Spin move for some reason (slow motion)

#53 tOSU Hamilton- Limited, win v Michigan, win v tOSU

#7 Davidson - "win" v Clemson (so so), Win , ok v. 65, win v 65 (off edge)

Tulsa Gibson (?) - Loss Hand Fight to 77, No Anchor on Run plays (had worst rep), Does compete (but is it Rudy style competing?)

#58 Florida - Edge guy, Better in Pass Rush drills than Run blocking drills, win on pass rush rep

#92. Florida - DOES hold the Edge well, Sack in 7 on 7 (from inside)

#5 Kansas - Loss to 77, Holds edge Ok for his size

MSU - Meh overall, loss

Michigan Uche -

Ok Kid #90 Gallimore- Loss (any moves or hands?), got better after Day 1, Quick for Size, small win v Temple C, Solid Push though couldn't disengage at the end

#94 Cuse - Meh, Solid Bull rush v. WV

#79 - Loss to tOSU, Good Rep in Double Team Drill

#95 Miami - Win v UNC

#78. - Nose Tackle - General sloppiness to him

#91 Houston - Loss to Mich

#97 Washington - Starts and Stays Low, Stalemate v LSU C,

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