Rules for the Draft

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Rules for the Draft

Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:23 am

No falling in love with a Combine warrior who otherwise was mediocre to fair in college. Pace hasn't fallen into this trap so far;

No falling in love with an athlete based on their "potential". Use solid scouting based on college production and tempered by interviews, personal conduct reports, etc.;

Stop trading up and giving up draft picks. There are very few 'can't miss' guys and the Bears aren't going to be drafting high enough this year to worry about them. In fact, this year there's not a single player who's in that category although Chase Young falls closest;

Be careful about trading back unless you're getting a haul for the pick and you absolutely have no one to pick in that spot. Especially don't trade with the Seahawks, they seem to have a way of fleecing the Bears on draft picks.

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