Let's hope my draft skills are what they've been

College football and the NFL Draft

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in the past.

In this years draft I've called for Sewell and Darrisaw to be generational talents at LT and the best two LT in the draft. I also picked Eric Stokes to be a lock down CB.

All three went to NFCN teams. OT I've picked in the past to be studs have for the most part all flamed out (I did say we should have drafted Jason Peters late and moved him from TE to LT, but that is likely a blind hog staying under the acorn tree long enough to find an acorn). Hopefully that trend continues and both are out of the NFL before their rookie contracts are up.

I've been a little more successful on CBs since I understand the ins and outs of the spot but still I think I have an alarming high failure rate there as well. Hope that my ability to fail stays strong.

I've done a pretty decent job with QB. Yes I was "all in" on Trubisky, but that was after we drafted him. I was a Mahomes guy and thought Watson would be out of the NFL in about 6 years. He would show greatness at times but would be his own worst enemy. Now granted I thought it would his wreckless style on the field that would get him hurt, not his wreckless penis. But over the years the predictions I had before the draft started have been pretty good. The days leading up to the draft I came to conclude Fields could be the best of the lot. Didn't want to pay the price I thought it would be for him, but thought he would be great.

Lets hope all my trends remain true.
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