Rd 2, P39: Teven Jenkins, OT - OK State

College football and the NFL Draft

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This video was meatball time for me.

It's pretty much the kind of interview you'd expect except that Jenkins talks about going home to his girl during break (i.e. He wants to get laid.) and then how he can't wait to put the pads on and hit people.

Please Lord let there be videos of Jenkins and Mack going at each other in camp. I gotta see how that plays out.

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Did teams know about his back issues and that's why he fell into the 2nd?
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crueltyabc wrote: Wed Aug 04, 2021 11:56 am Did teams know about his back issues and that's why he fell into the 2nd?
I heard, after Day 2, that there was some off-field stuff on Jenkins. Which had me scouring the web for character issues, and I never found any. So I ultimately had to conclude they were medical.

Seems like maybe that's true.

It's not enough to have me concerned yet, but it bears watching.
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