Rd 6, P221: Dazz Newsome, WR - N. Carolina

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crueltyabc wrote: Thu May 06, 2021 4:14 pm He's played RB, WR, CB, and PR - it's alot. At NC they just wanted to find ways to get him the ball, I don't think they were devoted to teaching him to use precise mechanics.
Sounds like Hester at Miami. Then it turned out that he couldn't play any of those positions very well. Sadly, I doubt Dazz can return the ball anything like Hester.
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1. Hester was fine as a WR4 for Atlanta and that's all he should have been for the Bears. Dazz should similarly be a "contributor" long term and not a top target
2. This is a 6th round pick so yeah he probably won't be literally the best returner of all time and a Hall of Famer
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Broken collar bone that needs surgery....is supposed to be healed by training camp though.
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He's a playmaker. But has more elusiveness and maybe spatial awareness (and raw athleticism) than speed. Having played all those positions, he's kind of a slow Devin Hester.

I've been guessing he's PUP then Practice Squad project. I love his name, and hope he develops. Get him in to see Monty's speed trainer as soon as he's able!

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i get that expecting a 6th rounder to be a quality starter year one is total meatball territory, but to me he really does look like he plays much faster than he tested out. I think playing the slot is infinitely easier than playing outside and i will not be surprised if they try to have some packages that get dazz on the field.

Or he could be the next Dane Sanzenbacher. Who knows.
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Dane Sanzenbacher! I liked that kid...

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