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Ryan: Thanks Ted and George for meeting with me today. As you know, the draft is tomorrow and I’d like to discuss my strategy for this year’s new player choices.

George: You woke me up from my nap for this? Jeez, Ryan. This better be good.

Ted: Why do you need to talk to us about the draft? We don’t know squat about football and you know that.

Ryan: This year, our approach to the draft is going to be different, in large part due to the reaction to our season ending press conference. So I wanted to discuss it with you guys.

George: That was one of our best press conferences! We made all the points we wanted to make. And I gave you a nice compliment! Remember that, Ted?

Ted: I do George and I also thought it went well. Our level of collaboration was high and we painted a very positive picture for the fans.

Ryan: I understand that guys. However, if you listened to the fan and reporter reactions, the result was that it upset the fans, because we told them everything was fine when in their eyes it absolutely isn’t.

George: The fans will be fine. Especially since we only pick model citizens for our team.

Ted: There are always a few complainers, especially the reporters.

Ryan: Not this time, guys. The fans are furious right now. I mean pissed and universally so. They really didn’t like that we pretty much said that everything was fine other than the QB. They hate that we brought in Andy Dalton to play QB. And they especially didn’t like that we praised the team regarding the 6 game losing streak. They are NOT happy. So we need to shift gears and draft some players that puts the fans back in a better mood.

Ted: Why should we draft to placate the fans? We’ve never done that before.

Ryan: Because jersey sales are way down and the season ticket waiting list has gotten notably shorter, Ted.

Ted: What?!??! OK, we definitely have to help the fans out this time! What do we do now?

Ryan: First of all, while we did what we could with the QB situation given our cap circumstance, we REALLY need to see if we can’t bring in a young QB to give the fans a sense of hope. Second, fans have been complaining for years that our offensive line wasn’t good enough and we haven’t been prioritizing that group. But last year, the line was a real problem for us. So we need to follow up with offensive linemen with our next two picks, making a significant investment in shoring up the blocking, which will not only help out whichever QB we draft, but it will also satisfy the plethora of fans clamoring for OL help.

George: Great! Just take a QB and some linemen. My prostate is telling me this meeting needs to be over with. Meeting adjourned.

Ryan: That’s fine guys. As the draft happens, I’ll status you.
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I would just add a part where Pace lies and says it's OK Fields drives a Camry. We can draft him.
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Normally, I like these, but I really don't see Pace trying to deliver a wakeup call to George and Ted. It was him they were being overly nice to with the "great culture" and "everything right except the QB" stuff.
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