Conference Realignments Yet Again

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Texas and Oklahoma look like they're moving to the SEC. They'll definitely get rude awakenings, not as many weak teams as in the Big 12. Kansas and Iowa State are supposedly interviewing to join the Big 10, who wants to expand to 16 teams. Supposedly the Big 10 is also looking at Pitt, Cincy, and several East Coast teams. The SEC is making noise about dropping out of the NCAA and going it alone.
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I used to be able to instantly know what conference an NCAA team was in as soon as I saw the team name ... now I generally have no clue unless I look it up ... and then it started getting weirder when colleges were in a different conference for different sports, something I don't think should ever have been allowed (not sure if that is still going on)

I'd like a re-alignment plan for things to make sense ... and I would also like the Big Ten to be limited to 10 teams or change their fucking name ... not sure why that bothers me so much but it does

I know the changes are for the sake of the almighty $$$, but it disappoints me that natural regional rivalries don't seem to mean as much any more
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If there was a true, large playoff and only 2 at large bids and the rest destined for conference champions in a 8 to 12 team playoff you would see a bunch go running from the SEC to other conferences.

FCS has it figured out right.
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