How about them Orioles?

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How about them Orioles?

Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:44 am

Yea yea, I'm sure I'm the only Orioles fan here lol...but it's a really interesting story IMO. The team is made up of a bunch of cast offs from other teams that all seem to be maturing together, playing as a team, and grinding out games like I haven't seen from an Orioles team in years. Their entire infield minus Chris Davis (who sux and doesn't play regularly anymore) are guys who were released by other teams and picked up by the rebuilding Orioles. Mostly young, hispanic players, who are just playing with a fun energy that has been infectious. Rio Ruiz at 3rd, Hansar Alberto at 2nd, Iglesias at Short, Severino at C....every one of them was dumped and found a home in Baltimore. They are playing the game the right way and it's really fun to watch!

Anyhow, top level takeaway here that I find interesting is that the national pundits had us ranked as the worst team in baseball by a wide margin, some saying we might go 10-50 this shortened season. Currently sitting at 10-7 after sweeping the Phillies (a team full of high paid selfish players IMO). Starting pitching just isn't there for this team to continue on for long, but I love an underdog story like this so will enjoy it while it lasts!
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