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I have not really got into too many to date but have listened to a few. I got started on My Favorite Murder. I love that kind of shit. I submitted a bunch of stories from my town but none have been broadcast.

Just recently started listening to Uncut with Jay Cutler. It is actually pretty damn good. I have only listened to 3. Sage Steele from ESPN was on last week and that has raised a shit storm for her. She has since been put on leave for some things she said on there. I didn't think they were too bad, but then again, I do not run a company.

Zach Miller was on discussing his gruesome injury and his recent foray into country music.

Daniel Carcillo, Car Bomb, was on and it was really informative. Discussion centered on brain injury/concussions and how psychodelic treatment has evolved. Carcillo has a company specializing in the use of psychodelics.

Listened to one today with Josh McCown. What a good dude that guys seems to be.

I have listened to Under Center (Bears Podcast). It is not too bad.

Any suggestions out there and what do you guys listen to?
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Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar
Hoge and Jahns (Just started this one.)
Joe Rogan Experience via Spotify
Quoth The Raven

I haven't listened / watched a JRE in a while. I don't care when he interviews stand up comedians.
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So I listen to a ton of podcasts. If you like my favorite muder. You will love small town murder and crime in sports. Game of crimes is a LEO take on major cases that I like.

If you like JRE, cleared hot, jocko podcast, and sean ryan are good. More military focused except cleared hot is essentially JRE.

I like the concepts of stoic philosophy. The daily stoic is a good podcast. Philosophize this is a good podcast.

Dan Carlin hardcore history is the best podcasts made.

These are like 5-10 episode podcasts that are great.

The cold war what we saw
America's forgotten heros
Appolo 11 what we saw
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