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So my wife asked me this question. She must've seen this on social media or something, but we've been laughing our asses off.

If you could change one movie to have ONE HUMAN ONLY and for every other character to be a Muppet, which movie would you most want to see and which character would you leave as a human.

I'm torn.

My initial pick was The Empire Strikes Back with Darth Vader as the only human and then everybody else as a Muppet.

But my answer is Predator. I would keep Schwarzenegger as the human and make everybody else, including The Predator, a Muppet.

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I’d go with Boogie Nights and Heather Graham as the only non-muppet.
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Road House and Patrick Swayze being the only human.
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I love the suggestion of Goodfellas, with the only non-muppet being Lorraine Bracco as Karen Hill.
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Wow some really good suggestions. My first thought is Top Gun.
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Die Hard with only Bruce Willis as a human.
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A Few Good Men with Jack Nicholson as the only human
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