The "Bad Guy" is reportedly not long for this world

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Scott Hall, AKA Razor Ramon, is on life support and not expected to pull through after surgery. ... F_8lxGJKmc
Scott Hall is on life support after suffering three heart attacks due complications from recent hip surgery.
Taking to his Instagram account, Kevin Nash has confirmed that Scott Hall will be taken off life support.
“Scott’s on life support. Once his family is in place they will discontinue life support.
Pro Wrestling and the party lifestyle that goes with living on the road can chew people up. He's only 63.
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Another wrestler that'll be gone too soon. I'm glad he was able to turn things around before the end, though, and get clean for awhile to enjoy life.

I grew up with Razor Ramon, and his ladder match against HBK and groundbreaking moment putting over the 123 Kid were massive deals to me. I was more confused than anything by The Outsiders and WCW stuff, since I didn't know the business at the time, but they broke new ground.

He'll be fondly remembered.
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Crime in sports did a thing on razor ramone. I personally never watched wrestling and do not understand the appeal but crime in sports wrestling episodes are a good listen
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He was a tremendous performer. I'm really amazed he lived this long. Some have claimed his substance abuse was largely driven by an incident he never got over where he killed a guy in self-defense. I don't know how valid that claim is.
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Sad. He was one of the best.
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