Social Media: The Bane of My Existence

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Why in the hell do people participate in this shit?

Who really gives a shit about their dinner that much that they post a photo of it?

Or the dumb ass memes?

Or being in groups on FaceBook and asking for where a person can find good pancakes?

What is the point of all that crap? Excessive pride about common shit?

Addendum: If you have a social media profile to stalk ex-girlfriends because you want to see how fat they got or if they live in a trailer then I get it. Or like the asshole from high school is now an Amazon driver or some shit.
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I hate mass social media and what's it's done to our country.

Have no Twitter
Have no Instgram, WhatApp, or whatever else is the new thing

Only have a Facebook because there's too much important info businesses/groups/people put there that I need to see.
But it's a dummy account, with a fake name and no personal info
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I don't feel like this is going to go anywhere useful.
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