New Year’s Resolutions

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Do any of you guys do this? What are they? Are you successful?

I try to make mine something that I would actually want to do.

For 2022 mine is to listen to the entire AC/DC Complete Collection which is sold as one giant album in the iTunes Store. This is allegedly all of their recorded album stuff up until Rock Or Bust.

Being that they are my favorite band, and the greatest band in the history of the universe this will be easy.

Last year was to listen to Led Zeppelin albums 1 through 4. Which, again, piece of cake.

A couple years ago the goal was to listen to a “shit ton” of Aerosmith. Mission accomplished.
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Several years back, I made a New Year's resolution to stop making New Year's resolutions.

So far so good! :mrgreen:
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I usually do so every year. This year it was the typical, take better care of myself. I have been doing that. Go to the gym 4-5 times a week, take long walks with the dog (weather permitting) and eat a little better. I have cut way back on sweets (ice cream, brownies, cookies, cakes/cupcakes).

I have also tried to get away more. By this, just day trips. Trying to find hiking trails with in 90 minutes and going and seeing new things. Now that it is getting nicer, these trips will start happening. I also like to go to out to hear live music. Already been to 2 concerts (Samantha Fish, Tedeschi Trucks) this year and have 2 coming up next weekend.
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