this is the wackiest NFL off season I can remember

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wasn't that long ago when there were several reports regarding NFL trades, and the consensus of those reports was trading of and movement of big name players just wasn't in the cards due to the types of modern era contracts and the salary cap ramifications

apparently reports like that no longer apply as this off season has had many surprises ... it has been intriguing to watch and very difficult to try to predict as many of these big name moves have been big surprises

there are still a few QB needy teams who might join the party with some splashy move ... I mean how boring of them if they simply wait for the draft to try to get their guy, right? and there are still at least a couple of teams with some drama to sort out, such as the Cardinals with the agent of Kyler Murray posting a twitter manifesto

it has been a wild ride so far, and I don't think the ride is ending just yet
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