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So after the three picks last night my head is a bag of marbles.

The OL was a problem. It is still a problem. I don't understand how a GM with an OL background can continue to let this linger.

Yet at the same time, a shit ton of OL went off the board before it was our turn. It might actually behoove me to look at how many OL vs CB and S were taken prior to our picks in the second round.

Given that, from the standpoint of a General Manager who is trying to build a team, you have to take the more talented player to improve your team.

So here we are.

Kyler Gordon is for real. He's the starter opposite JJ. His ceiling is a shutdown corner. Brilliant pick by Poles.

Jaquan Brisker. I semi-pounded the table for this guy. Therefore I am happy. Eddie Jackson is a piece of shit and he needs to go next season. I do like it that Brisker is another Day One starter. He can play next to EJax this season and then take over next season. He's everything EJax isn't anymore. Brisker isn't a pussy and he can tackle.

Two picks. Two starters. That's what you want. Poles did something really great there.

It's the third pick now.

I do not understand the WR pick with Velus Jones Jr. To me it felt like we needed a WR therefore we took one. That same logic can be applied to OL.

Abraham Lucas was on the board. Rain Man was on the board.

We missed an opportunity and I don't get it how a GM with an OL background can continuously avoid this problem.

That being said, I like Ryan Poles. I think he did a great job with the first two picks. I just don't understand the thought process sometimes and it bothers me that a GM was an OL won't do anything meaningful about that problem.
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Here are two blurbs from the draft network that may help explain the Jones pick:
Run After Catch: This is where Jones Jr. brings most of his intrigue to the table. His post-catch production has been notable and it translates to why he’s been so good as a returner. Jones is explosive and he makes timely cuts, which enables him to create for himself. Jones has good contact balance and 2021 saw plenty of defenders falling off their attempts to tackle Jones.
Competitive Toughness: Jones is an impressive competitor and it shows up with how he blocks and competes with the ball in his hands. Jones isn’t shy about squaring his pads and challenging defenders with good contact balance.
I think they like the fact that he can do multiple things well even though route running isn't one of them right now. On analysist suggested that he can help Fields right away because you can get the ball in his hands quickly in a number of different ways and just let him go. That is where he excels. He particularly noted his YAC ability.

I think he was a legit late third, forth round pick that Poles (probably) couldn't trade down for and didn't want to lose.
I too pined for an OL but when you have so few picks it does make some sense to look for guys like this that can fill multiple roles.
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I shouldn't be surprised anymore by how the Bears draft after almost 60 years of being a fan. But I'm scratching my head this year. OL totally ignored, let's let Fields become the new Russell Wilson, pummelled year after year and having insufficient time to pass. A significant reach in the 3rd round for a gadget guy who was rated much lower on all the draft boards when higher rated receivers were still available. Passing on much more solid WR options at 48 when they were available. The NFL has evolved to a passing game and the Bears still stick their heads in the sand.
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It’s the way the draft fell in some respects and there are plug and play guys in FA that can be added after the draft.

I addressed the Jones pick in his thread, but to add a little here, I’m warming up to him a bit if he can be Hester and Patterson lite. He’s kinda an all purpose raw playmaker, who was their plan B to Tyquan Thornton going off the board
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I think he is going BPA within reason, couldn't find an adequate trade down partner and that he has deemed the team so devoid of talent that the BPA at WR, CB and S were significantly better than the OL available.
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To me, although it is abundantly clear that Poles has a job to do on the OL ... the ONE thing he couldn't afford to do at this point is spend unnecessary and scarce draft capital stocking up with more stuff that he already has on the shelf. This is what I think HE is thinking. Sure it is a great luxury having 3 or more really good tackles. But that cannot be a priority over filling conspicuously empty holes. The Bears tackle holes are NOT EMPTY.

People can disagree all they want on who and what the problems are, and what the best approach to addressing them are. But Poles clearly has his own plan to address the matter given his circumstances. He just wasn't going to invest in an OT when he doesn't have a clear picture of Jenkins and Borom. He *may* have seen enough on tape and in the limited camp reps so far to have concluded he is comfortable and capable of evaluating these guys in camp and the season with no risk of being left without viable tackles. I think a LOT of Bear fans need to absorb this.

That said, I'm guessing we're going to see Poles pick the starting Bear RG coming up here pretty shortly in the 5th. And a DT - maybe the DT first. Eric Johnson of MO State sounds great. At OG I doubt Kinnard is still there but I kind of like Stueber from Michigan - that's a great OL pedigree and he's a massive human and good run blocker. Plus they both can kick to OT in a pinch. Poles likes versatility.
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