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At first, his involvement seemed plausibly inadvertent, but he's chest deep and sinking ... 96479ea6b6

I'm actually sadder and more disappointed about DiBiase, though.
He seemed like a nice guy who had his head on right.
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Been thanked: 44 times's pretty bad. I wonder what happens when it all gets sorted. Can easily see Favre going to prison.
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I have a feeling the most he'll get is a fine and community service, if that.
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Xee wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 10:34 pm I have a feeling the most he'll get is a fine and community service, if that.
Yeah. Wealthy guys don't go to prison, unless they happen to rip off other wealthy guys.
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Between substance abuse issues, sexting female reporters, and now this, he's setting quite an example. Good thing the Hall of Fame specifically states that it doesn't consider player character when voting.
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