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Man talk about a team that is snake bitten. They are fourth in total scoring and are sitting at 2-4.

A week 2 loss to my team. I scored the most points of anyone that week and it was my highest total thus far. Swerski had the third most points and lost.

Week 3 he runs into the buzzsaw that is Daisey Cutters. They scored the most points of anyone that week and although not the teams high thus far was within 1 point. Again Swerski has the third most points for the week and lost.

Week 4 in come the Kentucky Rednecks and they didn't score the most points of anyone that week (second behind Daisy Cutters), but Swerski was a respectable 6th in points scored but the bracket didn't do him any favors and the Rednecks put up their second highest point totals.

Week 5 they draw AC 46Blitz who only has the 5th most points of the week (but by far their highest thus far in the season) and gives Swerski the first loss you would think they would get based on their scoring (9th highest of the year).

Anyway just wanted to talk about how the league was going that I know that has to be gut punch to them. Should b2 4-2 at worse and likely 5-1. He's just had a some bad draws.
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