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Lotta tv-related threads here, and I just finished work, so what the heck.

I like ensemble comedies and crime shows. Better if they're all mashed together. Brassic and Reservation Dogs are my favorite shows going, and Miller's Crossing is my favorite movie (favorite screenplay, at least).

I hate romantic comedies. Except for one: a 25-year-old show with Dylan Moran and Charlotte Coleman called How Do You Want Me? Newlyweds move to the country to be near her parents, and everyone hates everyone else except the two of them (most of the time). It shouldn't work, for me at least, but it makes me reach for a word I never use for the tv shows or movies I tend to like: charming. The pace is pure rom-com stuff, with everyone talking in turn in that artificial way I normally hate, but the writing and acting are so good, the stakes so humane, and the situations so grounded in real adult experience that it doesn't matter.

Anybody else got a show they like without really knowing why?
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I'm a big JRE fan and I will watch episodes of him interviewing people where I have no idea why I care about this person or the perceived topic.

That's how I got into topics discussed by Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, and Robert Schoch.

I absolutely cannot stand feel good bullshitty movies, but I loved The Upside.

The Crown is another one. I do not get into the whole palace intrigue shows (Even Game Of Thrones was a stretch for me although I loved The Tudors.), but I'm fascinated by this one and I'd just like to know why Charles was such a dousche bag to Diana. Gorgeous woman. Did a lot of charitable work. Loved her children. What's his deal then?

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