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While I may not be a QB coach, I'm still an armchair QB so I'll throw this out there: how does Justin Fields compare to the other other NFL QB's who led their teams to the playoffs? I'll leave Mahomes off the comparison as he'll be GOAT v.2, maybe not winning as many championships as Brady but still otherworldly in talent. About half are pocket passers and don't compare to Fields: Geno Smith, Tua, Burrow, Prescott, Brady, Cousins, Herbert and Purdy. Seeing Purdy play as well as he has makes me glad the Bears did not go after Garoppolo when they had the chance as well as try to draft Trey Lance.

So that leaves Allen, Hurts, Jones and Jackson. Many fans have chosen Jackson as the comp for Fields. Jackson is a little "shiftier" while Fields is stronger yet both have amazing speed. Both have missed games because of injuries, and hopefully Justin learns from them. Better OL protection would be helpful. I had originally thought of Fields as a combination of Allen and Hurts, Allen's size with Hurts speed, though both are better passers at this point.

Jones has been the most surprising to me, doubling his YPG running as compared to the average of his first three seasons. He compares to Josh Allen though not as strong physically and maybe slightly slower. He was the big reason for the Giants upsetting the Viqueens last Sunday. Viqueens luck ran out in one score games (finally) and when it comes to playoff football you need a strong defense.
Jones line: 24/35 301 yds, 2 TD 0 INT, 17 att 78 yds. Barkley had half the rushing attempts, and it is somewhat incredible they won without him as the top rusher.

If Fields put up a line like that in a playoff game we'd be very happy, even though he may not have broken off one of his loooong runs for a score. So my comp for Fields is a faster Jones.
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