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I personally really liked this one because it shows the potential of multiple trade downs. Would appreciate your thoughts too.




R1:3 (They took Jalen Carter.)
R1: 2024






R1:5 : Myles Murphy DE Clemson. This is My Guy.

R1: 20: Andre Carter II DE Army. I know this is kinda WTF we just took a DE. However I believe Carter II has an extremely high ceiling. We need the bodies and Carter II has the frame size (just needs some weight) and the work ethic to be really good.

R2:34: John Michael Schmitz C Minnesota (My preference is Bozeman in FA, but I don't have the benefit of FA to base my draft yet.)

R2:54: Parker Washington WR Penn State. He's a slot receiver which is something we desperately need. I'm fine with Claypool as a #2 WR. Mooney doesn't impress me.

The remainder then are your typical BPA type guys.

What I want to do with the #1 pick acquired from the Cardinals or the R2 pick from Seattle is trade it for an elite receiver. My first call would be to Cincinnati for Tee Higgins.

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I don’t understand the Zona trade up. No way would they trade up knowing that the first two picks are most likely QBs.

I don’t hate the first two picks..I kinda like them. That said, I might be leaning more towards the Texas Tech DE over Murphy. That said, I don’t feel too strongly just yet.

I love the Schmitz pick and I think it’s very fair on where he wil go.

I really like Washington…he catches everything and I wish Quinten Johnson attacked the ball the same way he does. He’s got nice twitch, my concern is break away speed. I don’t know that he has the speed for the next level. He’ll be interesting to watch at the combine.

For me, with the top 2 picks I think I’d go Paris Johnson then an edge rusher like Andre Carter.

I like the idea of 2024 draft capital for a WR like Higgens, Aiyuk, Jeudy, DJ Moore, Or others. I just don’t want an older WR.
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I don't see either if those teams trading up. I thiink AZ twiddles their thumbs for 1/2 a season waiting for Murray to heal and takes a blue chip defensive guy as QBs go 1 and 2. Jon Schneider in Seattle is more likely to trade down for more picks. I like Carter's potential but he's a major reach that high. Except, of course, he racks up 10 sacks his rookie year.
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I don’t love Carter. He’s kinda Charles Snowden-ish to me.
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I like multiple trade downs.. but to #2 and #4 which makes sense. Why would Cards/Seahawks even make those trades?

Also not crazy about Miles Murphy and Andre Carter.
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wab wrote: Sun Feb 05, 2023 11:34 pm I don’t love Carter. He’s kinda Charles Snowden-ish to me.
He didn't have a great week at the Senior Bowl - day 1 got man-handled by Dawand Jones and never flashed (according to reports) the rest of practice.

The double trade down is still ideal ... to Houston (for a R2) and then to Indy.
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