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It is past time for Jerry Reinsdorf to sell the White Sox and the Bulls to new owners. The White Sox, except for their 2005 championship, have literally been run into the ground, with poor decisions on managers and lack of spending on premium players. The Bulls, well, even with 6 championships in the '90s, Jerry couldn't wait to break up the team and it hasn't really competed since. No premium free agents consider the team. Poor draft choices and free agent signings by and large. The city deserves better.
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Jerry Reinsdorf is to the White Sox what Bill Wirtz was to the Blackhawks. One can't get better until the other dies.
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Never understood the owners who do not put winning right up there with profits. The Sox are just a flea bit team. The past 2 years they have had some injury problems. But the construct of the team is poor.

The Bulls.........I am not sure what the hell is going on up there. I don't believe LaVine is a guy you build around. he plays no D (I know, most of the league doesn't ). His clutch performances are lacking as well.

Blow both teams up, screw it.
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