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Roster Size 18 and 12 Keepers

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Total votes: 11
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If you are in MOTML, please vote on the following...

1. Go to 18 players per team and 12 keepers.
2. Increase the draft to 5 rounds

Currently we are at 20 players per team, 14 keepers and 4 rounds. The increase of the draft by around is because there will be more valuable players at the end of the draft.
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Easy yes, thank you for running the league!
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Yay, thrice yay.

(I thinks that what we said when we voted in new members in my frat)
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Think we got majority vote.
MOTML League: Eskimo Brothers
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Thanks to all the folks who voted. I feel less like a meddler now.
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This has passed.

I have changed the roster / keeper settings to 18 and 12.

Please go select your 12 keepers on ESPN.

We'll see if DevilsProspect responds. If not we'll cut his team, put all the players in the draft and reverse the 3rd round only.
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I voted late, but it was yes anyway. Good changes for the league!
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