RIP Andre Braugher

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I guess he did some comedy cop show with Adam Sandler's even less talented cousin or something.

But as Frank Pembleton, Andre Braugher was the heart of a blisteringly tough, smart show--Homicide--that impossibly aired on US network television in the 1990s. The Wire before The Wire, but available to everyone and in some ways much better than its successor. One of those ways: Braugher set the bar so high that I suspect David Simon knew he'd need to widen the ensemble and broaden the focus for his next major series. We've all seen bit players become members of the central cast. Braugher was so good that he carved out territory we'd never seen as the show's center of ethical gravity (and then imploded, tragically and poignantly). While there's every chance that the writers planned it that way, it only worked because Braugher was so great.

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My cousin did his makeup on homicide for years - she knows him and his family well and is tore up about it. Said he was a super good dude.
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Loved him in Homicide. One of the few cop shows that was worth watching. Richard Belzer was great in it as well. Dude was too young to die.
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