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For all non-Bears happenings in the National Football League

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wab wrote: Sat Jun 01, 2024 12:56 pm I’m about one post away from shutting this one down.
Would be a good move
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dplank wrote: Sat Jun 01, 2024 9:47 am
Arkansasbear wrote: Fri May 31, 2024 11:35 pm
I have no issue with people disagreeing with him, saying his views are wrong or even saying it was the wrong forum to say what he said (although if I had to guess I’d guess he was asked to speak and they assumed he would hit on most of those topics - but that’s a guess).

What I have a problem with is people trying to turn him into a villain/ all time doychbag / calling for his head to be served on a platter.

I try to listen to people I think similar to and those who are a 180 from me. At times I’ll see points on the other side that has lots of merit. Many times I think I see flawed logic, but I never find them to be a horrible person just because they view a topic differently. I’m simply tired of that.
You need to take a seat here judge, you're very much overreacting and it's a bad look IMO. The dude said a BUNCH of inflammatory shit, to get upset at the obvious backlash that would come from that is beyond silly. Freedom of speech is a two way street - let this one go.
I disagree with the position he said a bunch of inflammatory stuff given where and to who he was talking. But if you feel that way fine. I hear people all the time saying things i feel are false, divisive and inflammatory. From time to time I will call them out it. Never thought their believes / thoughts that differed from mine made them a horrible person.
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wab wrote: Sat Jun 01, 2024 12:56 pm I’m about one post away from shutting this one down.
Most likely for the best, considering the rules here.
KFFL refugee.

dplank wrote:I agree with Rich here
RichH55 wrote: Dplank is correct
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dplank wrote: Sat Jun 01, 2024 9:48 am
The Marshall Plan wrote: Sat Jun 01, 2024 3:23 am As it relates to the Extremist Response there is something I'd like to ask if others have noticed this.

I'm begging you not to make this about a bigger political topic. I'm simply asking from the perspective of extremism in the media.

Weather reporting.

Is it just me or is every time it rains or thunderstorms now there is always "The Potential For Severe Weather".

Then some kind of color coded system with varying degree of probability that we're all going to die in some kind of a weather event.

This is every time. It never just rains anymore on the news. It's always something like "We're monitoring the potential for severe weather. Make sure you've downloaded our app and stay tuned for the latest updates."

It's just awful.
100%, my wife and I literally laugh at the national news with David Muir whenever it leaks on to our TV before we can turn it off. It's just one horror story after another, all for shock value and ratings. It's unwatchable.
The TV weather forecasts we get this side of the pond seem to have reached such a nadir that they're completely worthless. They rarely ever get it right.

They're supposed to have access to radar and satellite imagery and all the latest computer tech, but I'm convinced the Met Office (Meteorological Office) consists of a couple of blokes sitting around all day in an upstairs room with a pair of binoculars trained on a small herd of cows in a nearby field, a couple of pine cones on the window sill, a bit of seaweed hanging up and one of those clocks where the lady comes out if it's going to be sunny and a man if it's going to rain.
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I appreciate that you guys have been civil in this discussion, and I think valid points have been made for the most part on both sides of the fence. But this one has run it’s course.