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Moriarty wrote: Wed Jul 10, 2024 12:07 pm
dplank wrote: Tue Jul 09, 2024 7:38 am W/L can never be pinned on one guy, but the closest we can come to that would be GM and HC. It has to count somewhere, so that’s where it counts IMO
It counts more the further you go up the pyramid. But at the HC level, I'd still put it at "very little" and at the GM level "only with enough years and/or a lot of context".

If you really believe in record for HCs and GMs, then that would strongly say that Eberflus and Poles both seriously suck (10-24, 29% win rate).
Everything requires context, so I obviously don't believe that with those guys. But W/L is the ultimate marker for a HC and a GM, and so it's absolutely relevant it just needs to be within context. One thing that removes the need for context (mostly) is time, so you can judge a HC or GM by their record over a decade much more than you can over a 2 year span, particularly when they inherited a rebuild. For this reason, I find Lovie's 9 year W/L record very relevant to his performance as HC and completely disagree with you on that point. You can only argue W/L is irrelevant with a HC or GM for so long, eventually it is absolutely relevant - I'd argue it's not just relevant but it's the #1 evaluation point.

Look at it this way, is this years W/L record relevant to the job performance of Poles and Flus? I'd argue it absolutely is - they need to turn the corner this year and be a winning football team or something is wrong with one or both of them IMO.
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To me, and I say this as someone who remembers the 90s Bears, Lovies Bears and the post Lovie years. Lovie gave me the best football of my Bears fandom. He was both a good coach and overrated. That team should have won a Super bowl and didn't because of coaching.

I feel like he'd be remembered way differently if Arians and not Trestman has succeeded him. I believe Arians would have got them over the top since I believe Marinelli would have stayed for Bruce. Marinelli, imo, deserves alot of credit for that teams longevity.
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Lovie always ticked me off. Prevent defense and playing url in a meaningless game and getting him injured. I wasn't sad when he got canned. It didn't feel like we would ever get over the top with him.
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