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Traded 39 to BUF for 57, 89, 130, and 203. That is how you do a draft during the first year of a rebuild.

48 Christian Watson WR | North Dakota State
57 Tariq Woolen CB | UTSA
71 Sean Rhyan IOL | UCLA
89 Troy AndersenLB | Montana State
130 Dominique RobinsonEDGE | Miami (OH)
148 John Ridgeway DL | Arkansas
150 Tyquan Thornton WR | Baylor
186 Markquese BellS | Florida A&M
203 Matt AraizaP | San Diego State
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possibly the final run...

39 -->
68, 80, 107, 170

48 -->
61, 105, 134, 187, 200, 221, 262

71 -->
94, 103, 135

2-61 3T Perrion Winfrey Oklahoma
3-68 G Cole Strange Chattanooga
3-80 C Cam Jurgens Nebraska
3-94 CB Zyon McCollum Sam Houston State
3-103 T Braxton Jones Southern Utah
3-105 WR Khalil Shakir Boise State
4-107 T Matt Waletzko North Dakota
4-134 FS JT Woods Baylor
4-135 WR Kevin Austin Notre Dame
5-148 WR Tyquan Thornton Baylor
5-150 TE Charlie Kolar Iowa State
5-170 G Chris Paul Tulsa
6-186 P Matt Araiza San Diego State
6-187 CB Jaylen Watson Washington State
6-220 SS Markquese Bell Florida A&M
7-221 LB D'Marco Jackson Appalacian State
7-262 WR Isaiah Weston Northern Iowa

2 Ts, 2 Gs, 1 C - a full OL worth, to go with the 4 worthwhile players we already have
4 WRs + a TE
2 corners
2 safeties

LB went a little lighter than I wanted
would have like a DE, too
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Imagine if Poles strategy looked like this :D

Let’s turn 3 picks into 14 :D

It would be fun but also a little bit stressful
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Final mock, lots of trades:

62: Daniel Faale, OT, Minnesota
64: Alex Pierce, WR, Cincy
72: Cole Strange, IOL, Chattanooga
75: Martin Emerson, CB, Mississippi
89: Zyon McCollum, CB, Sam Houston State
121: Darrian Kinnard, IOL, Kentucky
148: Terrell Bernard, LB, Baylot
152: Micah McFadden, LB, Indiana
153: Cole Turner, TE, Nevada
186: Shawn Jolly,CB, Appalachian State
229: Bo Melton, WR, Rutgers
242: Luke Wattenberg, C, Washington
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Final mock. PFF. Pulled the scale all the way down to prioritize public board.

39+48 for 30, 62, 121

30. Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas
62. Dylan Parham, G, Memphis
71. Marcus Jones, CB, Houston
121. Kyle Phillips, WR, UCLA
148. Pierre Strong Jr, RB, SD State
150 for 164+227+2023 7th
164. Lecitus Smith, G, VA Tech
186. Curtis Brooks, DT, Cincinnati
227. Brad Hawkins, S, Michigan

From a need:value ratio this may be one of the slicker drafts I've done IMO. Other than not addressing 3T a tad earlier, not sure what more you could expect.
✅Big bodied X WR
✅Technically sound, high floor slot WR
✅Day 1 starter at G
✅OL depth
✅DB depth
✅Return ace

Maybe could have grabbed a slightly higher 3T at 62, bumped G to 71, then bumped CB to day 3. But now I'm quibbling.
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Last mock of...the day. It'll be interesting to see how things change in the next 24 hours.


2.39: George Pickens, WR, Georgia. If he's there, I'm taking him.

48 (Roger MCCreary) for
51 and 101

51 (Jaquan Brisker) and 101 (David Bell) for
54, 85, and 158

2.54: Zach Tom, OL, Wake Forest. I think this is realistic, and I think it'll prove to be good value. Tom should be able to fit in wherever he's needed, but I think he's worth a shot at LT first. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if this is a good year to throw numbers at the interior line. And I believe all this because I'm just some random guy on the internet.

3.71: Dominque Robinson, DE, Cincinnati. Again, I probably could have traded down and gotten him. But I don't look down in mocks, and I think this is about where Robinson will go in the real draft.

3.85: Zyon McCollum, CB, Sam Houston St. See above. He's got rare physical gifts for his size, and he should be a big problem for opposing offenses for a long, long time.

5.148: Tycen Anderson, S, Toledo. JT Woods was gone, and I really like Anderson as an agent of chaos (preferably for the other guys) in the middle of our secondary. While he's getting up to speed, should be an excellent STer.

150 for
154 and 237

5.154: Joshua Williams, CB, Fayetteville St. Another big CB to go with McCollum and the now-puny-looking Jaylon Johnson. I didn't expect to go with big corners, or even to emphasize the secondary this much, at first. That option just opened up when I got over the idea of drafting a ton of offensive linemen.

5.158: Neil Farrell, Jr., DT, LSU. Thomas Booker was here, too, and went six picks later. I like him a lot, but not as much as I hate the idea of loading up on nothing but 3-techs. Farrell will add something to the pass rush while helping us get to passing downs in the first place.

6.186: Dontarrio Drummond, WR, Ole Miss. A faster, bigger, meaner, more athletic David Bell at an enormous discount? Yes, please. Between Pickens and Drummond, we've now got some serious blockers on the edge, too.

7.237: Markquese Bell, S, Florida A&M. Again, didn't mean to make this a secondary-heavy draft, but goodness knows we could use one of those. Bell's a small-school Lewis Cine, and could be a ST demon right away.

UDFA: Jequez Ezzard, WR, Sam Houston St. Natch.


The really transformative o-linemen in this draft--at least the ones who project as such--are in the first round. The only possible exception at this point is Tyler Lindebaum, who absolutely fits the bill IMSO, but who might linger a bit. We're not in the market for those guys, and we can't Frankenstein one of them from two or three lower-round picks. Tom is enough for now. Next year, Poles can hit the draft with a first-rounder and a much clearer idea of what our line needs...and after a draft like this one, he won't be in the market for a QB, a WR, or secondary help, which should focus things quite a bit.
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Oh, what the heck. A post-first PFF mock. This honestly might be my favorite yet, even though I missed Dontario Drummond by one lousy pick.

39 (Skyy Moore) for
44, 99, and 202

2.44: George Pickens, WR, Georgia
2.48: Jalen Pitre, DB, Baylor
3.71: Zach Tom, OL, Wake Forest
3.99: Dominique Robinson, DE, Miami
5.148: Tycen Anderson, S, Toledo
5.150: Neil Farrell, Jr., DT, LSU
6.186: Joshua Williams, CB, Fayetteville St.
6.202: Dai'Jean Dixon, WR, Nicholls St. Drafted him by accident, though I like him well enough apart from his 40 time. But look whose agents are going to fall over themselves getting their clients to sign as undrafted rookies.

UDFA: Isaiah Weston, Jequez Ezzard


Aside from all the important stuff we'll never know because we're just guys talking about football, this seems about perfect.

Four, count 'em, four WRs.
A big CB, a slot/safety chess piece, and a safety who's more athletic than Eddie Jackson, but can blow shit up closer to the line.
An offensive lineman who can literally line up anywhere he's needed and perform better than well.
A born run-stopper of a DT who absolutely fits our scheme and will complement our 3-tech nicely.
A DE who has the physical gifts to become our best at the position in a year.
So much road and so few places, so much friendliness and so little intimacy, so much flavour and so little taste.

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2nd Day Mock, several trades:

46: Alec Pierce, WR, Cincy
55: Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan
71: Leo Chenal, LB, Wisconsin
97: Zyon McCollum, CB, Sam Houston State
100: Khalil Shakir, WR, Boise State
109: Cade Otton, TE, Washington
148: Max Mitchell, OT, Louisiana
150: Tariq Castro-Fields, CB, Penn State
186: Mike Rose, LB, Iowa State
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