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Anybody here watch anime?

My kid has gone full speed into anime, which I'm cool with, I just want the As on the report card which she's getting. The grades are 90% of the rules I have as a parent.

So she used to be on me to get into this stuff. A YouTube channel I watch, whose name I cannot say because even though it is a news reporter / analyzer it may or may not violate the rules here, highly recommended Attack On Titan. AOT happens to be one of my kid's favorite shows.

I've been into things like comic books and Heavy Metal magazine for years so this isn't THAT big a stretch for me.

Bottom line, Attack On Titan is a fucking awesome show. I'm only like a dozen episodes in, but oh dang is it good. I don't want to say much more in fear of ruining it, but if you guys are into this stuff or your kid's are AOT is awesome.

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Huh, I am rarely here in this forum, but I do happen to enjoy Anime here and there - not nearly as much as I used to though.

The new Cyberpunk is interesting on Netflix - got through episode 1 and looking forward to the next one.
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I grew up on comics so I'm certainly open to the medium but anime is just something that never clicked with me. I did have a copy of Ghost in the Shell and I believe I liked reading that so maybe I just need to look up more sci-fi anime.
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Netflix and Hulu got me into anime. AOT, x-men, JoJo’s etc.
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Can anyone recommend a good anime to watch in Netflix?
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