Ravens and Lamar Jackson Contract Talks

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Assuming they’d even want him, if I were the Jets I’d tell Rodgers to get bent and trade for Lamar.
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Given their relative costs, I guess part of it depends more on whether the Jets just want a short-term fix to maximise their current 'window' or a long-term investment.

Rodgers' contract is rather complex and it's unclear to me how much the Packers would have to eat and how much his new team would take on, both in terms of cap space and cash. It still sounds like it's going to be at least as much Jackson would require over the same time period, but then with him you'd be paying for another couple of years on top.

Compensation-wise I've seen it suggested the Packers will be after two first round picks, which is the same any team tendering Jackson an offer would have to forfeit to the Ravens if they choose not to match it, but most everyone agrees they won't get that. The most common suggestion seems to be a 2023 2nd rounder and a conditional pick in 2024 that would be at least a 3rd rounder but could become a 2nd or even 1st rounder depending on performance escalators.
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I'd take Rodgers there
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