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The Bears ended up in 13th place:

Don't know how much these things influence a free agent for signing. KC ended up in 29th place and look where they finished the season.
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Reading through some of this stuff is interesting, if not validating that some franchises are simply dog shit.

The Cardinals obviously have the most glaring negative reports, and they seem almost entirely because Bidwill is a cheapskate who nickels and dimes his talent's accommodations. The Bears, for all their flaws and issues, at least landed in the top half of the NFL, and I imagine a lot of those surveys in a decade's time will be vastly improved once the team moves to Arlington Heights.
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Jacksonville has a rat infestation at their facilities! That one made me laugh.
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If I'm with the Bears I'm pretty happy with these results because the major item is food, and that's such an easy fix. They probably have a vendor that handles it for them and they can just show that company this grade and say "fucking fix this or you're fired". They probably wouldn't even have to pay more, etc.

The day care and first class ticket items are either the Bears cheaping out or some cultural bullshit where they think "we don't bring our kids to work; we're professionals" and think first class is a waste of money. George McCaskey drives a shitty car, right?

Anyway, I'm glad the Bears aren't embarassing themselves or losing FAs because of this. Some of these notes on the other teams are just pathetic. I would be pissed as fans of a team where you pay $$$ for tix and there are rats nibbling my favorite player in the shower.
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