Duplicate predictions in my contest

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I'm flattered that there is so much attention being paid to my contest. I assure you that my reluctance to announce it at first was not me "playing hard to get" (although that sometimes works even for homely guys).

I want to clear up what seems to be a common misconception about my rules. A duplicate prediction is NOT disqualified. It really only matters if you score in the top 3 for any game because you will not be mentioned when I review the top 3 during my end-of-the-year rewards. And if you constantly duplicate the predictions of known experts you could earn a reputation of "copy-cat."

The first year I posted scores there was no prize, I just posted them and summed them up at the end of the year. UOK was clearly the best at predicting. I thought perhaps that would always be true (not), so when I made it a contest with a monetary prize the following year, I made a rule about duplication to try and discourage people from copying him in order to win. I always listed the duplicate picks at the end of the weekly scores to further that. You may have noticed I stopped doing that this year and merely * the pick but in the proper order.

I, myself, always try to avoid making a duplicate pick so I can earn a top 3, but you shouldn't fret yourselves over it. If you believe your first inclination gives you your best shot at the money, go with it.
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