2024 Draft: How Many QBs Taken In Top 10?

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How many QBs will be taken in the Top 10 of the 2024 draft?

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Right now, we have the 1 and 9 picks.

I'm trying to figure out how many QBs will be taken in the top 10 so I can get a realistic idea of who will be available when we go at 9 and then someplace else around the top 10 if we do a trade down.

How many QBs (feel free to list them) do you think will be taken in the top 10? Anybody, QB or not, you think could be a surprise drop that would be a gift to us at 9 or 10 with the trade down pick?

The draft order is as follows:

1: Chicago
2: Washington
3: New England
4: Arizona
5: Los Angeles Chargers
6. New York Giants
7. Tennessee
8. Atlanta
9. Chicago
10. New York Jets
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Maye, Caleb, and Daniels. It will be interesting to see if the Falcons pull the trigger on one and if the Vikes and/or Raiders try to move up for a guy. Penix, maybe McCarthy.
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I think McCarthy probably goes top 10 after the combine.
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I guessed 3, but could see 4.

Williams, Mayes, Daniels - McCarthy or Penix as a dark horse?
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Williams, Maye, and Daniels. It really depends on the Combine though. There could be a QB the media and scouts fall in love with outside of those three, and if I had to put money on it, I'm guessing it's McCarthy.

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