2024 NFL Rule Changes

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Article in the Athletic discussing the new NFLPA executive director Lloyd Howell's position on some rule changes after talking with all 32 teams' reps and numerous owners:

-Wants fines lessened further or removed for sports betting on non football bets:
Legalized sports betting and the explosion of social media have also impacted players because now they often receive ridicule from fans who lost money because a player didn’t hit a certain benchmark on a parlay. Other times, in instances where they do succeed, fans bombard them on social media with praise, creating a mental rollercoaster of sorts.
-Playing surfaces are a real concern:
Howell said Wednesday an NFLPA survey of 1,700 players revealed 92 percent of players prefer high-quality natural grass fields to artificial turf. Some owners are resistant to change because of the financial cost involved in switching to grass surfaces, and Goodell said earlier this week the solution could involve finding a hybrid type of surface.

News broke this week that MetLife Stadium will host a World Cup game in 2025, and to satisfy the demand of international soccer players, a natural grass surface will temporarily replace the field turf surface the New York Giants and New York Jets play on — a surface players have been very vocal in blaming for injuries.
This offseason could impact how the Bears build their stadium and how current dome teams manage their playing surfaces as well.

-Drop Hip Tackles not seen as a safety liability by many players:
In another safety-related matter, players were asked about discussions on the NFL competition committee eventually moving to make the hip-drop tackle illegal because of the belief it leads to serious injury. NFLPA leaders — players on both sides of the ball — made it clear they see no reason to outlaw the tackle because it’s simply a football play.

“I don’t really know how to play football, if they actually put that rule into effect,” [Michael] Thomas said.

[Calais] Campbell expounded: “Yes, it’s about making the game safer and there are a lot of rules that were put in place over the last 10-plus years, you know, that made the game a lot safer and they were big adjustments for players. But I felt like, with this in particular, I just don’t understand how you can police it the right way and allow us to do our job.
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Good to hear push back from players on hip drop tackles. It's funny to think of it from a wr's prospective too: you want to tackle a linebacker? Either you hip drop them, or you take out his knees.

Imo outlawing hip drops will just further increase leg injuries.
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