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First, the top 10 in their history: ... 102519477e

I've seen the guys from the early '60s through today. Had never heard of Ed Brown.

Now a list of every Bears QB: ... 102519477e

My stomach turns and ice floods my veins seeing most of those guys' names again. It's gruesome.
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Cutty was my favorite and JF1 was the one I wanted to succeed the most.

I still miss Cutler from time to time. Imagine that golden rocket arm of his with the offense we have now. Hitting a wide open Odunze in stride for a 50 yard bomb and then Cutty has that look of total apathy on his face.

The internet sensation with Smokin’ Jay. He entertained me to no end.
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I loved Cutler. So much.
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My dad wasnt around growing up, so I didnt really start watching football til college. And I had a summer job and my boss was asking me about football, and I'm like, sorry man, not really my thing.

And my boss, I'll always remember, said "Man, you've gotta start watching the Bears, Jim Miller is the real deal. He's out there slinging it like Johnny Unitas!"

So I started watching in 2001, and young impressionable Rusty was all "I AM A JIM MILLER SUPER FAN" and that worked out great!
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